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Join our Team!

We’re glad you’re here. It’s perfect thyming. And if you can handle spice puns or even come up with a few of your own this might be the place for you. If you feel you have the vision, passion and drive to be part of a consumer goods start-up and want to help us reach our goals of becoming the go to promotor and educator for sustainable goods in North America, then read on! Although we are based in Toronto, (go Raptors!) we are recruiting worldwide for new remote positions.

Spend Thyme with Us

Spend time with us and you’ll see that at Nuleena Foods, we are passionate about people. Not just the people we work with but those in our communities. Every day we ask ourselves how we can offer value to those around us and that gives us purpose. It is our team’s novelty that guides every initiative and challenge - building a diverse team culture and creating shared values with our stakeholders are what drives our business. If you share our core values of: integrity, innovation, and inclusivity and possess a never-ending desire to learn, then we look forward to welcoming you on board to help us succeed.

If you’re still Green (Intern with Us!)

We believe in green. It’s why we’ve built an eco-friendly company and offer compostable packaging. It’s also why we offer Internships! Being green or not having experience doesn’t make you less valuable. The desire to learn is just as important as what you already know. We are still learning, every single, day. Which is why Nuleena Foods looks to invest in the next generation of future leaders. To nourish unique potential and support growth. We offer interns hands-on experience in a start-up environment with opportunities to lead diverse projects and initiatives and further their career aspirations. The unique experiences, ambitions, and characters our interns bring to our team culture inspire us to go above and beyond. There is a leader inside all of us – and we are committed to bringing out the leader in you.

Add your Flavour to the Mix (Freelance with Us!)

Many spices added to a dish make it more flavourful. It’s the same when it comes to collaboration. Tackling business challenges is often easier with more insights, which is why we welcome talent from various industries and skill sets to help us meet those challenges. Think you'd be a great fit? Connect with us. Maybe it was mint to be…