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Less waste, better taste.

Nuleena Foods was originally created to fulfill a niche market and help single family households or those looking to reduce their carbon footprint to buy only what they need. Navita, our company founder was frustrated by the need to buy six different 100 gram spices for one dish, that she knew would be stale by the time she finished them. To have fresh spices for every meal, meant repurchasing or throwing out what she’d already bought, or using what she had and settling for a meal that lacked real flavour. Not wanting to choose between being wasteful or eating flavourless meals Navita created her own line of spices and seasonings in compact sizes with little to no waste, less plastic and compostable packaging and a taste that’s as fresh from the first teaspoon to the last. 

"Food customization is our means to stop food waste globally."
- Navita 

From the farm to your plate. 

Creating a product line that was sustainable and less wasteful wasn’t enough. That product had to offer authentic flavours, maintain its health benefits and offer restaurant quality taste to all home cooks. So, after sourcing local suppliers and farmers that offered spices and seasonings straight from the source, the products were freshly ground in small batches, and packaged every month to ensure they stayed fresh. Small batch production ensured high quality taste, with less waste. A win for the environment and your taste buds.

Tastes of the world, accessible to all.

Next, we wanted to make sure our high-quality spices and seasonings were convenient for home cooks, by making Nuleena spices accessible to all. To do this and keep that authentic freshness, we decided to offer customers what they need, when they need it. Small quantities that won’t sit on your shelf and get stale or be thrown away. Replenished regularly so you never run out. Ordered from the comfort of your own home and delivered directly to your front door. That’s how our subscription-based service and pantry restock kits came to life.

A company with a conscience.

Not only are we founded and owned by women, we choose to support local businesses and our products are ethically sourced and manufactured in Canada. All of our business practises are sustainable and eco-friendly and our company culture is inclusive. We watch our carbon footprint in every stage of production and offer recyclable or compostable packaging. Nuleena believes in giving back, which is why we donate a small portion of our profits to charity to support the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Responsible Consumption and Production.