Beauty Uses of Spices

Posted by Navita Verma on

Chances are your skincare routine doesn't begin in the pantry, but should it? Just as how spices provide taste, vibrancy, and health benefits to food, they are also useful for cosmetic products such as skin and hair care. Spices have been used for medicinal and beauty purposes for centuries. They are a natural, organic way to clear skin, strengthen hair, and get a radiant glow that enhances natural features. Next time, try using these three spices in your skincare routine!

Turmeric - A common spice used in Asian comfort food, turmeric possesses antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities that, when applied as a face mask, help reduce redness and provide the skin with a soft, lustrous glow. The spice has also been proven to kill acne triggering bacteria significantly. 

Cinnamon - Cinnamon, the ultimate fall comfort spice, can also aid in comforting your skin! When used externally, cinnamon stimulates blood circulation by drawing blood closer to the skin, which helps your it breathe. In turn, this antioxidant reduces acne and prevents signs of aging. The spice's warmth, coupled with its blood stimulating qualities, makes it a spice that helps skin look more even-toned and plump. 

Nutmeg - Although nutmegs are dry, coarse, and hard in nature, the spice, when used as skincare, helps hydrate your skin and gives your face a soft, polished appearance. Because the spice is moisturizing and an excellent exfoliator, it is especially useful for people with dry skin.

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