Underrated Spices for Cooking

Posted by Navita Verma on

It’s time to start prepping for dinner, and you check the fridge to see which proteins you have to work with. Whether it’s some leftover vegetables or a pack of chicken breasts, what are some spices that you’d initially think of pairing it with? Besides salt and pepper, maybe a touch of garlic or paprika? Try these three underrated spices to cook with for your next meal!

Saffron - This spice may be considered to be one of the most expensive, but consider sprinkling Saffron into rice or fish dishes for an incredible flavor boost. You can also add them to stews (such as beef) or tomato-based sauces! 

Peppercorns - You’ve probably seen black (unground) peppercorns sitting in the back of your pantry, and if not, at least in the spice aisle. These round clusters are actually berries that are processed (and kept whole or ground), and contrary to popular belief, not related to ground pepper. With its strong and powerful kick, peppercorns can be found in dishes such as Spaghetti Cacio E Pepe, sauces paired with proteins, or crusts of meats. 

Ginger - Although this spice has a short(er) shelf life compared to others, it is a classic when it comes to Asian inspired dishes. One simple way to incorporate ground ginger is in a marinade for your protein or combine it with garlic to bring out even more flavours. 

Regardless of what kind of proteins you’d want to try seasoning, give them a try to spice up your dish. Home cooking is all about experimenting, so don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone!

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